After thought and prayer regarding your front page article (October 29, 2020), I wish to contribute this.

On the part of MP Robert Halfon, Marcus Rashford and Cllr Mark Ingall it may be an act of virtue signalling or it may be an act of integrity and sincerity and highly laudable.

I would just ask, is it not possible that somebody else might have needed the money, this £10,000, somebody whose cause is quieter, less newsworthy and whose need is in amongst all the Covid-19 sacrifice and suffering endlessly put to one side yet again?

The social impact of school children’s dinners is and must be a governmental priority. A democratically elected government responsibility regardless of how left-wing or otherwise it may be. Let them be responsible. It is only then they can become accountable.

Please remember how many people need help. If every local council in the country follows this example, how much money would this be? What about everybody else? I write this for the people who don’t or can’t write letters.

A Care Worker,