A pub was stripped of their licence following concerns about its links to alleged drug activity.

The White Horse pub at Old Road in Harlow originally had its licence suspended after being one of 18 addresses raided on October 8.

Nineteen people were arrested during the raid and seven people so far have been charged with drug-related offences.

A full review hearing took place on November 4 following the licence suspension, and Harlow Council’s licensing sub-committee revoked the premises licence after consideration of the evidence put before them.

This included representations from Essex Police and the premises licence holder.

Councillor Shannon Jezzard, chair of Harlow Council’s Licensing Committee, said: “Due to the seriousness of the investigation, a sub-committee moved quickly to remove the designated premises supervisor and suspend the premises licence until a full hearing could be held.

“That hearing has now taken place and the sub-committee supported the police’s application and revoked the premises licence.

“We will continue to work in partnership with Essex Police to prevent crime and disorder associated with any licensed premises in our town.”

Essex Police licensing officer Ronan McManus said: “The police investigation has shown evidence the pub is linked to potential criminal activity, for which a number of people have been charged with offences, or remain on bail while we continue our enquiries.

“License holders have a responsibility to ensure their premises meet the licensing objectives, which includes the prevention of crime and disorder.

“It’s for this reason that we applied to Harlow Council for a review of The White Horse’s alcohol licence.

“Keeping people safe and tackling crime remain our paramount priorities and we’d like to thank councillors for their support in this matter.”