Far from being selfish the Government is being realistic (A selfish government, Letters, December 10). By reducing the amount frittered away on foreign aid, more will be available to help the millions of unemployed and failing businesses.

In any event why should we fund the likes of China and India who both have space programmes and, worse, despots? Former Prime Ministers travel to recipients of our aid where they receive largesse, hospitality and fees for lectures. Reducing this waste will have no impact on vaccinations or educating young girls, we are still gifting 0.5 per cent of GDP.

While it is currently possible to borrow cheaply, this may not continue forever and it is never sensible to borrow to give away.

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It is interesting to note that all those pushing for lockdowns and massive borrowing work for the state and have guaranteed employment. Yes, think of those overseas, but firstly look to help our fellow citizens who will be jobless and for business owners ruined by the actions of young, inexperienced frit ministers killing the economy.

None of those advisers on Sage need fear for their futures so their advice is not impacted by economic reality.

The Government is now contracting with EDF to build a new nuclear plant in Suffolk. This is necessitated by the unreliability of wind power, which has been forced upon us by climate change zealots. People should look more closely at all the evidence about climate change. Much is promulgated by economists rather than scientists and modellers who reckon they can determine the temperature in 50 years when they cannot even do it for next week.

Michael McGough

Wellfields, Loughton