Your help is sorely needed in bringing your readers' attention to the appalling situation regarding post in the area that has the misfortune to endure the Royal Mail's universal service non-commitment from its Debden sorting office.

For months now people all over this area of Essex have been lucky to get post once a week. We have tried to get help from Eleanor Laing MP, but that was a waste of time. I note however that she has time for a photo-shoot in your paper.

Our nextdoor website reveals how widespread the problem is and highlights that people are missing hospital appointments.

The Royal Mail has simply blamed Covid-19 and staff sickness, but after many months of the pandemic you would surely expect such a vital service to have stepped up to the plate.

If you can, please alert your readers to contact their GPs to ensure that they have telephone numbers so that they can receive text alerts for readiness for Covid-19 vaccinations. One dare not rely on the post.

Mike Gardiner

Chigwell Row