Michael McGough describes the Brexit deal as favourable although all economic forecasts, including those commissioned by the government, predict a minimum of four per cent downturn on the UK economy. What were we promised and what have we actually achieved?

Frictionless trade with the EU turns out to involve mountains of red-tape which will terminally hinder many small firms. An invisible border between the UK mainland and Northern Ireland. Constraints regarding how UK lorries can operate in Europe and the same with airlines. We will all need to take out health insurance when travelling in Europe. We still have to abide by EU regulations if we want to export goods to the EU but have given-up our place at the table where the regulations are made. No longer is anything being said about the fictitious £530 million per week which could be spent on the NHS.

So we have gained “sovereignty”. What does that mean to the average person looking for a job or trying to pay their bills?

Chris Sumner,

by email