Lockdown has not stood in the way of adventurous young explorers.

Students and staff at Mark Hall Academy, in Harlow, are taking a virtual trip to Tokyo as part of a lockdown challenge.

The mission was set at the start of lockdown for the school community to walk, run and cycle the 9,524 kilometres to Tokyo, the next host of the Olympic Games.

Distances travelled are being logged by the school, with the aim of reaching the destination by March 8.

Sasha Kelly, head of PE, said: “The pandemic has forced us into leading a more sedentary lifestyle compared to normal. As a PE department, we wanted to encourage ‘devices down, heart rates up’ and to get together as a Mark Hall team to achieve the ultimate challenge – trekking to Tokyo.

“Ultimately, this challenge targets all aspects of health – physical health in getting active, social health in that we are getting out and collectively contributing as a team and mental health in that students have the opportunity to clear their minds, which positively affects their mood and their thinking. We are supporting and helping to improve the health and wellbeing of our young people not only now, but into the future.

“It has been fantastic to see the levels of participation.”