A survey into Epping Forest butterfly has found two at risk species living in the area.

Of the 59 species of butterfly in the UK, 27 are living on two nature reserves in the district.

The Epping Forest Council Countrycare team has undertaken a multi-year survey of butterfly at the Bobbingworth Nature Reserve and Church Lane Local Nature Reserve.

Church Lane flood meadow was created in 1989 as part of the North Weald Flood Alleviation Scheme while Bobbingworth Nature Reserve is a former Landfill site, which in 1989 was capped with clean clay.

Of the 59 species of butterflies present in the UK, 27 have been identified across the two sites.

Two of the species, Small Blue and Small Heath, are listed as likely to be threatened in the near future.

Since 2015 Countrycare has been conducting the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme at these two sites between April and September when butterflies are more likely to be active.

Year-on-year, Church Lane records a greater population of butterflies – 2017 being its best year with a total count of 1,756.

In comparison. 2018 was the most successful year for Bobbingworth with a total of 927.