A three-year-old girl is in need of private surgery abroad.

The Marris family, who live in Chigwell, are aiming to fundraise £50,000 for surgery for their little girl.

Lamesha was born a healthy and happy baby on March 1, 2018.

At seven months old Lamesha was found in a coma and rushed to A&E where doctors found she was suffering with severe haemorrhaging on the brain. Immediately Lamesha was intubated and rushed to Great Ormand Street Hospital for brain surgery.

Lamesha was left with severe brain damage with residual left hemiplegia cerebral palsy.

Her father Jeremy said: "We now desperately need help to get this surgery, a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, which will dramatically change Lamesha's life. Having this operation would be followed by a minimum of 18 months intensive rehabilitation, physiotherapy and use of specialist equipment.

"Sadly, we have been told we cannot receive this surgery and treatments on the NHS.

"With this operation Lamesha's quality of life will improve. She will be pain free, she will sleep through the night, and it will improve the ease of care."