Firefighters rescued a 31-year-old horse after she collapsed in a field

Crews were called to a farm in Lippitts Hill, Waltham Abbey on Saturday, May 1 at 2.58pm after Cara, a 31-year-old horse, got stuck in her field.

A crew from Waltham Abbey worked with Chelmsford's Animal Rescue Unit to get Cara back on her feet.

Watch Manager Gavin Ellis said: "The horse was 31 years old, 500kg and had been stuck for more than an hour so her owner was concerned.

"We tried to roll the horse over in a controlled way but she did not respond, so the vet sedated her and we lifted her using strops and our lorry-mounted crane.

"Once the sedation had worn off we lowered her and she was able to walk back to her stable.

"Crews had to work hard, and worked really well together and with the vet, to get such a successful outcome."

Crews got the horse back on her feet at 3.56pm.