Epping Forest motorists will pay a huge price after the re-election of Sadiq Khan as London Mayor.

Those with older cars will have to pay the £15 Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) tax, when in October the boundaries are pushed out to the North and South Circular roads. Also he proposes a tax of £3.50 to enter Greater London, increased to £5 for those chargeable under ULEZ. Add to this the Corporation of London’s new parking charges and Epping Forest District Council’s proposal to charge for driving through the forest and drivers are well and truly shafted. When in the central congestion zone, a further £15 tax applies too.

For whatever reason the Tories picked a weak and almost invisible candidate who they only really supported at the end when it was too late. Those of us outside of the new chargeable areas will pay a huge price to work or visit family. I certainly won’t shop within Greater London, so local shops should get a boost.

Michael McGough

Wellfields, Loughton