I feel I must write to complain about the high-handed approach of the the City of London Corporation, which manages Epping Forest.

I understand the forest was given to the people for their recreation and enjoyment and is managed, but not owned, by the Corporation. However, the Corporation seems to think that it can do what it likes with our forest.

First, the forest was enclosed with fencing, we are told for the protection of the cattle which graze there. I feel I should point out that these cattle are not native to the area and ask who gave permission for them to be there in the first place.

Secondly, barriers were installed at the car park entrances, seemingly opened and closed at the will of the Corporation employees. Now a closing time has been imposed at 6.30pm. Does the Corporation realise (or care) that this is excluding a section of the community who, having worked all day, come home and wish to come to the forest to stroll or walk their dogs in the evening.

Thirdly, Red Routing the minor forest roads (not Major, which I understand is the purpose of Red Routes) without thought to the impact on the Church of the Holy Innocents at High Beach.

On top of all this we are now being charged to use the car parks. Not with a meter. Oh no, we have to use a smart phone or make a phone call to Ringo. When strolling in the forest people will not know how long they are going to be and will therefore overpay to be on the safe side. All in all this seems like a licence to print money. When will the Corporation realise it is working on behalf of the people?

Martin Gale

Bradwell Road, Buckhurst Hill