A fox cub was saved after falling 20 feet down an outside void and then getting trapped between security doors.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Natalie Read was called to Waltham Cross Telephone Exchange, in Stanhope Road, by Openreach staff who had found him.

Natalie said: “There was a large outside void which dropped around 20ft down from the footpath, allowing light into the basement of the building. Although there were safety railings I think the little cub must have tumbled into the chasm when he was looking for food. He’s lucky he wasn’t injured because it was quite the fall.

“He then managed to get stuck between two automatic security doors into the building and I couldn’t reach him there. Luckily Openreach engineers were able to open the security doors so I could reach him but the foxy cub had other ideas and made a run for it, in the wrong direction!

“He ended up inside their basement in the maintenance room and we had a good game of hide and seek before I managed to catch him and check him over. Thankfully, despite his dramatic ordeal, he wasn’t hurt and seemed like a fit, healthy youngster so I took him to a safe and quiet area nearby and released him.”

An Openreach spokesperson added: “Our engineer was most surprised to hear barking coming from a little-used part of our exchange building. We quickly realised that the noise was coming from a young cub which had become stuck in the void. We were pleased to help Natalie rescue him and hope he stays in the woods for his next game of hide and seek!”