There seems to be a sudden interest in protecting Epping Forest of late and one is left to wonder why? I don’t recall such fervent interest over the last hundred years so what is prompting this sudden surge in protecting this ancient woodland?

First we had the damage to the “delicate fungus” caused by motor vehicles and this is supposed to be solved by smacking on a charge to drive up Epping New Road or park your car. How this was going to succeed given that tons of pollution is created by the nearby M11 and M25 remains a mystery requiring the intellect of Miss Marple.

Now we have the police helicopter as villain number two. Not only will it destroy the ‘delicate eco system’ of Epping Forest, it is causing severe anxiety to house owners who don’t appreciate the noise and perhaps more importantly, the value loss of their properties.

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In my experience, trees have a remarkable ability to cope with pollution and this can be seen by the beautiful plane trees that adorn the Lea Bridge Road as you approach Hackney. They, and many others, have stood and flourished for decades in one of the most polluted boroughs in London, so why the fear that Epping Forest is going to die a sudden death because India 99 takes off to pursue the villains? If there are concerns over pollution in our area the first priority should be for the respiratory health of our children.

The introduction of electric vehicles will go a long way in protecting the forest and our children from petroleum pollutants so please don’t worry about our lovely forest. The suggestion that a helicopter can wipe it out is about as plausible as King Canute holding back the tide at Frinton!

Tom Benfield

By email