Firefighters had a busy weekend in Brentwood as temperatures soared crews had to rescue a pregnant dog stuck in a car and tackle a high-rise fire.

On Sunday, with temperatures peaking at 28°C, firefighters had to rescue two dogs who had been inadvertently locked inside a parked car in Ingrave Road.

In hot temperatures dogs can die when left in vehicles for extended periods.

The dogs, both of which were Shih Tzus including one which was pregnant, became trapped after the owner accidentally left keys inside the vehicle.

Firefighters managed to release the animals by 12.05pm. Fortunately, neither dog was harmed and both were left in the care of their owner.

Two days earlier firefighters had been called to a flat fire on the fourth floor of a high rise building in Sire Francis Way.

Crews worked with police to evacuate the residents as part of the building's policy.

Firefighters extinguished the fire by 10:20am and an investigation will be carried out to determine the cause of the fire.

Station Manager Toby Ingham from Emergency Planning said: “Many thanks to all the crews for their swift intervention which prevented this fire from worsening. We’re working with the local authority to care for residents whose flat was affected by this fire.”