Volunteers are needed to help look after cattle grazing on Wanstead Flats this summer.

The City of London Corporation, which manages the Grade II Park, reintroduced cows to the flats in September of last year.

The pilot scheme, using cattle to better manage and to restore the acid-grasslands in the area for wildlife conservation, including rare plant species, insects and spiders, marked the first time cows had roamed the Wanstead park in 150 years.

Following the successful trial, the longhorn cows are back, and volunteers are needed to monitor the animals’ welfare and encouraging visitors to admire but not feed or approach the cattle.

Graeme Doshi-Smith, chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Epping Forest & Commons Committee, said: “Grazing is used as a natural way to manage grasslands and meadows across Epping Forest. As part of the programme we have prevented encroachment by scrub and more vigorous grasses in favour or rarer plants and herbs, benefitting a whole range of insects and birds.”

The City Corporation is using GPS-collar technology which helps contain the cows by emitting audio signals when they reach a virtual boundary - removing the need for obtrusive electric fences.

An induction meeting for those interested in helping is planned for early August.

If you would like to register your interest please email epping.forest@cityoflondon.gov.uk by July26 and you will then be notified of the details for the induction event