CYCLING permission has been extended to more areas of a popular park, after plans were agreed by bosses of a London authority.

The City of London Corporation has extended permissive cycling in the eastern areas and on the main paths of Wanstead Park.

A historic byelaw once restricted cycling in this specific area of Epping Forest but The City of London Corporation launched a consultation earlier this year and over two-thirds of respondents wished to see these rules around cycling in the park relaxed.

More people than ever are enjoying visiting Epping Forest by bike and indeed this is a very beneficial way for people to arrive at the ancient woodland, meaning that the Forest experiences less pressure from cars travelling through the local roads. In addition, those opting to cycle also experience the wealth of health benefits which come from using pedal power as a mode of transport.

As with cycling elsewhere in Epping Forest, all cyclists are asked to observe the cycling code of conduct and note any areas where cycling remains restricted such as the easy access paths and historic or ecologically sensitive areas. Cyclists should also be aware that building jumps or berms in the woodland is not permitted.

Epping Forest and Commons Committee chairman, Graeme Doshi-Smith, said: “The Epping Forest and Commons Committee was pleased to approve the decision to increase access to Wanstead Park, which is a greatly valued green space in east London, to cyclists. The consultation earlier this year demonstrated overwhelming support for the move to increase permissive cycling and we hope this will encourage many more visitors to discover and benefit from this historic park”.

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