AN Essex MP has hit out at the United States for removing army troops from Afghanistan, after the Taliban leaders return to take charge.

Robert Halfon, Tory MP for Harlow says the troops should have remained in the country to keep the peace.

It comes as the former Afghan president fled the country - but it is unclear where he went or where he currently is.

Mr Halfon MP said: “I have huge worries about the United States President’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan in the hasty way it appears to have been done.

“I do not understand why the USA and Nato could not have kept a small contingent of armed forces in Afghanistan to try and preserve peace and the rule of law and ensure that women’s rights and education was protected.

“I hope the UK will do all it can to assist those Afghanis who have worked with the British army and welcome the Home Secretary’s plans to help with Afghanistan refugees.

“I am sure the Prime Minister will work with Nato and other allies to do everything possible so that the people of Afghanistan do not live under barbarism and the light of democracy, education and women’s rights is not darkened for ever more.”