A 'highly acclaimed' production will be making its debut in Harlow tonight - for one night only. 

Where to Belong is coming to Harlow’s playhouse tomorrow (7 September).

Epping Forest Guardian:  Victor Esses Victor Esses

The production is an autobiographical story of Victor Esses’ journey to find home. As a Jewish-Lebanese, Brazilian gay man, Esses explores how to find your place in a complex world of identities. 

 In 1975 Victor’s mother fled from Lebanon to Brazil as a refugee of the Civil War. In 2018, amidst Brazil’s election of a far-right president, Esses travelled to São Paulo to show his partner his childhood city.  

Blending video projection, photographs, music and songs to explore what home means to him, Where to Belong is the personal story of Esses’ first visit to Lebanon. 

Epping Forest Guardian:

Victor Esses said: “The trip to my parents’ homeland of Lebanon was an intense and emotional experience that really highlighted the particularities of my different identities, and how they impact the way in which I relate to the world. “ 

“Given the increasingly alarming homophobic attacks happening all over the world, it feels particularly important for me to give voice to this and connect with audiences over our fundamental similarities. After such an isolated time, it also feels very pressing to present a piece which is all about connection and understanding.” 

Tickets are available from the theatre box office at harlowplayhouse.co.uk