Fears have been raised on plans for more than 400 homes and a wellness centre to be built in Loughton despite the council initially refusing proposals. 

The plans in Borders Lane include 139 homes in three 3 buildings ranging from three to five storeys. 

The huge development will include 285 flats in a series of blocks ranging from two to five storeys in height and a new wellness centre. 

Residents have now raised concerns about lack of services and the buildup of traffic on the small road near to the M11 motorway. 

A Loughton resident, Maurice O’Driscoll commented: “Where’s the doctors surgery’s and schools to support these hundreds of new family’s to the area? Never mind the added traffic.” 

Another resident, Lee Balch added: “They'll be high spec new homes so will continue gentrification of the area. Hopefully the park half of the field will be used for the wider community along with the wellness Centre. 

“The biggest issue is lack of parking with fewer than one space per two dwellings. The public transport is good, to go into London. But going anywhere else, as with other suburban places, more often needs a car.” 

The authority raised concerns about a range of issues including lacks vision for the site, over provision of parking. 

But the developer took an appeal to the planning inspectorate which over ruled the council’s decision. 

Epping Forest Guardian:

Plans say: “The development of the Borders Lane Park site represents an significant opportunity to bring about much needed housing to Loughton. 

“The site’s key position - adjacent to Debden town centre and public transport links along Borders Lane, Chigwell Lane and Colson Road - will ensure that the new residential development proposed is sustainably located to minimise car use. 

“The proposals also recognise the importance of creating a safe, welcoming development. 

“The delivery of a new Wellness Centre will provide a significant new community hub linking with the new public park, Epping College and the local residents. Tying together the new residential community with the existing.”