A Harlow man who previously survived the 1993 World Trade Centre bombings was among nearly 3,000 victims of the 9/11 tragedy.

Jeremy Mark Carrington moved from Harlow to New York, where he met his wife Pattie, and survived when a truck bomb detonated below the north tower.

Tragically he then died while working in the World Trade Centre when it was targeted by terrorists 20 years ago today (Saturday, September 11).

He was one of three men from Harlow to lose their lives that day.

Kevin Dennis, 43, was married to American wife Debra and the pair had returned to Harlow after they wed.

They then moved back to the US so he could work for financial company Cantor Fitzgerald and had twin sons Ryan and Elliott in 1994.

Epping Forest Guardian: Kevin Dennis from HarlowKevin Dennis from Harlow

He was working on the 101st floor on 9/11.

A third Harlow victim was Simon Maddison, who moved to New Jersey with his wife Maureen.

He lived there for a decade and had kids Caileigh, Kyle and Sydney, who were aged seven, four, and one respectively at the time.

He died whilst working in the building.

Epping Forest Guardian: Simon Maddison from HarlowSimon Maddison from Harlow