Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow addressed the huge warehouse development backing onto Bynghams residents’ gardens in parliament, claiming "it can never happen again." 

Mr Halfon raised the issue with the Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP. He called for an urgent debate, adding: “An enormous 15 metre high warehouse has been erected just metres from residents’ back gardens in Bynghams, in Harlow, blighting their gardens, blighting their homes and having a devastating impact on their lives.” 

The warehouse planning application was passed in both 2017 and 2021 by the previous council leaders. Some families living nearby claim the 112,000 sq ft building has knocked up to £40,000 off the value of properties.

Epping Forest Guardian: Upset residents - Mr Parker and Miss LingerUpset residents - Mr Parker and Miss LingerMr Halforn commented: "It has been extremely upsetting to see the impact this devastating warehouse development is having on residents in Bynghams. It should never have been allowed to pass and it can never be allowed to happen again. 

"In recent months I have raised many concerns about this development with the Leader of Harlow Council, the Cabinet Member responsible for Planning, the Chief Executive of the Council, the developers, and the construction company directly. 

"I visited a number of residents to speak with them directly. I fully understand and share their feelings about the development and I am clear that it should never have been allowed to go through the Planning system.” 

The Leader of the House responded by saying that the Government is bringing forward a new Planning Bill which will allow for comprehensive reform to the system to ensure that it is fit for purpose. 

Mr Halforn continued:"I understand the Council is reviewing all aspects of the plans and development to ensure everything has been done correctly. Furthermore, I know that they are reviewing the planning system to ensure that proper consultation takes place on any such plans to ensure the system is fit for purpose.

"I will continue to do everything I can to support residents and I would encourage any resident in Bynghams with concerns to contact me directly."