Two police officers have been awarded after taking down a man with a massive 3-foot blade in Harlow.  

PC Dave Moon and a colleague, who has asked not to be identified, chased the armed robber who was attempting to stab them and arrested the man without being physically injured. 

The pair were notified in June 2019 that an armed robbery had occurred at a takeaway pizza restaurant – intelligence indicated that this was a dangerous man that the duo had encountered before. 

 An aerial search by the police helicopter revealed the man on a bicycle on a footpath. As the officers drove up to him, it appeared that the blade he had used in the attack was tucked into the waistband of his trousers. 

 PC Moon said: “He was a massive risk to the public. He was frightened, because he’s committed the armed robbery and we know what he’s got on him. So that’s where I made the decision to mount the curb and block him with the police car.” 

 The offender rammed his bike into the front of the car to try to stop PC Moon getting out – as the officer got out of the car, the suspect drew the 3 foot blade with the intention of stabbing the officer. 

 PC Moon’s colleague got out of the passenger side and started warning him to use his taser. 

Later in the police interview the suspect said that if he hadn’t been Tasered he would have gone through with his intentions and stabbed PC Moon. The man was incarcerated for a year. 

PC Moon, who has been an officer for 19 years added: “Without a shadow of a doubt, if my colleague had not been as switched on and used his Taser as quickly as he had, I could have had a large blade in my neck”. 

PC Moon and his colleague have been awarded for their actions and will attend the Essex Police Federation Bravery Awards this month.  

Essex Police Federation Chair Laura Heggie said: “What a pair of heroes. This was a dangerous offender who had no qualms about using a very offensive weapon. And no qualms about using it against our colleagues. 

 “Both officers showed no fear and no shortage of courage in pursuing this violent individual who – if it hadn’t been for their tenacity and training - could have attempted to harm many other people.