A new “revealing” play about Marilyn Monroe is going to be performed at a theatre venue.

The play is called One Night with Marilyn by PT Rose and will be performed on October 7 at The Harlow Playhouse from 7pm.

Executive producer Tamara Lee Smart, who is bringing this presentation to Harlow, went to Harlow College over 20 years ago, along with fellow cast member Lisa Cureton.

They studied performing arts together and performed their first show at the playhouse.

They now own a local theatre school, Sting Performing Arts, and teach Special Educational Needs adults every Friday at the playhouse.

Epping Forest Guardian: The play's posterThe play's poster

Tamara said: “I've got an amazing group of actors together for this including EastEnders cast member and legend Peter Dean. Peter is playing Stanley, Norma-Jeans father, and is bringing some true grit to the reading.

“I grew up a huge EastEnders fan and always looked forward to seeing Peter every Tuesday and Thursday as "Pete 'ello Treacle' Beale.”

“P.T. Rose's script is emotive, powerful and very moving. The cast have learned so much about Marilyn's early life in this very revealing play and so will you.”

The script reveals that, unknown to many of her fans, in February 1961 Marilyn Monroe was sectioned to the Payne Whitney Clinic, the psychiatric division of Cornell University in New York.

Marilyn was under the impression she was being sent for some rest and recuperation by her trusted doctor after she set alarm bells ringing amongst her friends and psychiatrist by talking of ‘ending it all’.

She had often been to such places previously to visit her mother who had been confined for many years as a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.

Marilyn herself had a growing complex that she too was going insane and friends noticed that occasionally she behaved as if pre-occupied by ‘voices’ she claimed to be speaking to her.

The play is about what may have happened on that night, as withdrawal symptoms from her drugs start to kick in - was Marilyn Monroe ever really alone?'

Following the reading, audience members will be asked for feedback and initial reactions.

Karen Struel- White, KSW CEO and network producer said: “This rehearsed reading is part of a series of a worldwide “Marilyn 60” celebrations of the star's life.

“These will take place across the planet including Europe, Asia and the USA. The script has also been translated into over 22 languages including Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi and Mandarin proving beyond doubt Marilyn will always be a global icon.”

Click here for full production details: http://onenightwithmarilyn.com