Thankfully, few of us will carry the soul-destroying burden that was thrust on the fragile shoulders of Terry Lubbock.

He sought justice for his boy for many years and his courage never waned. Compare his dignity with that of the so-called men who ran like sewer rats as the consequences of their actions struck home.

They should not think the passing of Terry will solve their problems because time has a habit of loosening the tightest tongue. The burden of guilt does not lighten with the passing of time nor does it wane like the setting sun. I hope the police will not use the death of Terry to loosen their grip on this heinous crime because that is not what the public wants.

We want to see those responsible standing in the dock where they belong. Two men have died as a consequence of that fateful night because grief can kill as surely as the sharpest knife and Terry has paid that price.

Sincere condolences to Terry’s family and his nearest friends. They have lost a remarkable and very brave man and we must hope that justice will prevail for both Terry and his son.

Tom Benfield

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