A dress exhibition is underway in Harlow with a new collection of dresses inspired by lips on display.

Marlie Fuentes Palacios, 41, originally from Chile, who has lived in Harlow for eight years designed the dresses which are now on display in Gibberd Gallery.

The mother of two has been creating dresses as a part time career since 2013.

Ms Fuentes Palacios has been inspired by stain glass windows since moving to England and has taken influence from Chile artist who use body parts in their work.


Dresses inspired by lips by Marlie Fuentes Palacios.

Dresses inspired by lips by Marlie Fuentes Palacios.


The technique used is the one she been developing for years, in which pieces of organza are assembled to create dresses reminiscent of the essence of stained glass.

Ms Fuentes Palacios said: "I can proudly present to you my Spring/Summer 2022 collection 'Lips.' “For this collection, I took my inspiration from the lips, as a physical feature of expression.

“Our lips can express much more than we are aware of.

“A lot of time, effort and love have gone into these dresses, I wanted to combine both of my cultures with the stain glass affect from England and the body parts influence from Chile art.”

The dresses will be there until the October 29.