An Epping family will appear on BBC’ Shop Well For Less with help from Melanie Sykes and Joanna Page to tackle their shopping habits.

The show sees families across the UK testing planet friendly products and trying the unknown, to see if little changes can make a difference when you Shop Well For the Planet.

This week, the presenters are joined by Chris Bavin and Jordan Banjo are in Chigwell to look at our food choices.

The help the Fortington-Neave family of four make better choices and save some needed cash.

Life is busy for mum, Alison and dad, Alex.

They have a packed schedule looking after their two active sons, Arthur, 7 and Harrison, 11.

With so much going on, trying to ‘go green’ has never been a priority, but the pandemic and lockdown has made them rethink.

Chris Bavin and Jordan Banjo surprise the Fortington-Neave’s with their very own pop-up shop, filled with the family’s main areas of eco concern.

Their aim is to show them where they could be greener whilst also saving money.

To track their progress Chris and Jordan reveal the family’s average carbon footprint, and Alison and Alex are shocked to find out how much over the national average they currently are.

Determined to lower their carbon footprint presenters and family get to work.