It's five years ago this week since an unwashed milk prompted an online frenzy following Justin Bieber's visit to the area.

Days after Bieber fever swept Epping Forest when the singer visited for dinner, the glass he drank milk from is being sold online – for £66,000.

The Canadian singer visited the Kings Oak hotel in High Beach on October 13 in between sold out shows at the 02 in London.

During his stop – which prompted a rush of “manic” fans to the forest hotel – he ate salmon and mashed potatoes washed down with a glass of milk.

On Saturday, Ebay seller amypotter999 posted on the website, claiming: “I work at the Kings Oak hotel where Justin Bieber was seen yesterday having dinner and we kept his milk glass, it hasn't been washed.”

With almost three days of listing left, 86 bids have been made and the glass currently stands at £65,900.

However there are some cheaper deals for the true Belieber, with another Kings Oak worker claiming to be selling his used water glass, currently at £99.

Yet another seller claims to have a “piece of history up for sale” – another glass that the performer apparently touched while eating his meal.

If the glassware is too expensive, user blucarte0 claims to have a serviette that the singer used, saying: “This really is the serviette that Justin used to wipe his mouth.”

With two days and nine hours left for the listing, there have been no bids and the price currently stands at £0.99.