An upcoming Loughton-born singer returned to “one of her favourite venues” in Essex to perform songs from her new album and sign with a new record label.

Georgia Crandon, 25 was singed with Static Wax Records- a retro-soul label releasing music on vinyl- at the event.

The singer-songwriter arrived at the Essex Arms pub in Brentwood on Wednesday, 27 October and treated the crowds to a sneak peak of her first UK album.

She performed Told Me to Go Home, Thick as Thieves and was also joined by Northern Soul singer Stefan Taylor for performances of Tainted Love and Stand By Me.

Ms Crandon said: "The Essex Arms in Brentwood is one of my favourite venues to play of all time.

“I played a gig there a couple of years ago and it was a game changer for me.

“That particular gig was where I really understood what kind of artist I wanted to be, what kind of music I want to make and who I want to play for.

“Before then, I was a bit lost really.

“The Essex Arms is where I met a lot of my current fanbase who I adore - I call them the Essex Massive. I owe a lot to them."

She is set to release her new album next year.

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