A surgeon at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust has won an international prize for his “pioneering research” into the treatment of ankle fractures.

Kar Teoh was recognised for his research to establish whether it is possible for patients with osteoporotic- a health condition that weakens bones to start putting weight on an injured foot and ankle following surgery, to improve recovery.

Normally patients with this type of injury are not able to weightbear for at least six weeks or longer.

The trauma and orthopaedic surgeon won the Presidential Prize at the European Foot and Ankle Society Conference, held in France last week (October 23).

EFAS represents 27 national societies and around 3500 surgeons in Europe.

Mr Teoh’s research paper will now be published in the European Foot and Ankle Society scientific journal ‘Foot and Ankle Surgery’.

He said: “I am delighted to be recognised by EFAS for this research, which will help improve patient outcomes.

“I am grateful to the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society and AO United Kingdom for funding this important study.”

Dr Fay Gilder, medical director at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, added: “I am proud to see Mr Teoh’s research recognised on an international platform.

“Congratulations to Mr Teoh on this amazing achievement which is testament to his dedication to improving outcomes for patients at our hospital.”