In response to Hannah Neary’s article on November 4 ‘Forest access fear in parking charge’, I wholeheartedly support everything she said.

However, I would just like to point out that when she reports that the charges ‘range from £1.50 for less than an hour to £6 a day’, when you come to pay on the RingGo app (no other payment choice) additional charges, which you have no control over, are added to the final charge. Therefore, it actually costs £2 for less than an hour to park.

These additional charges, which are not set out on their board, are, apparently, added to the total price for reminder texts they send, without your consent. I assume this is added to every charge, therefore up to two hours parking will cost £3, not £2.50, as advertised on their charges board.

Whilst I appreciate the costs involved in the upkeep of the forest, I am shocked that the Corporation of London have chosen RingGo to manage their parking, rather than the company used by the Lee Valley, where, in comparison, parking costs £1.90 for up to two hours without any hidden costs.

I wonder what Queen Victoria would have to say about this!

Moira Challen

Brunel Road, Woodford Green