A daredevil chaplain has taken on a skydive despite her fears of heights in an attempt to raise vital funds for a local hospice.

Ann Kosla, St Clare Hospice chaplain, managed to raise more than £2,000 for the Epping and Harlow charity.

The dive was postponed due to bad weather in October and finally went ahead on Saturday, November 4.


Ann Kosla, St Clare Hospice chaplain

Ann Kosla, St Clare Hospice chaplain


Ann, of Chigwell, joined St Clare Hospice as the Chaplain at the beginning of last year.

She said, “After training, I was in the plane, strapped to a lovely young man called Archie without having time to think. The view from the plane was amazing.

“I could see the Suffolk coastline from Lowestoft to Southwold and beyond. I think I did scream initially as we left the plane but hurtling towards the ground at 120 miles per hour was a real adrenaline rush - what an experience.

“Then floating mid-air, feeling weightless was just surreal and viewing the landscape awesome. The landing was a bit bumpy and I couldn't stand up for ages - my legs felt like jelly – but overall it was a fantastic experience.”