A special tree was planted in November in memory of a 12-year-old boy who was killed in a hit-and-run crash.

Harley Watson died after he was hit by a car outside Debden Park High School in Loughton, on December 2, 2019.

Terence Glover, of Loughton, admitted Harley’s manslaughter and the attempted murder of nine other children and one adult in 2020. He was detained under the Mental Health Act indefinitely in January 2021.

An autumn blaze maple tree was planted at the Roding Valley Recreational Park, Loughton on Thursday, 4 November in Harley’s memory.

Police released footage of a gunfight in which two innocent partygoers were shot in Leyton.

The shocking clip shows three hooded people amongst parked cars, with two pointing and firing their weapons and gunfire echoing around the area.

The shootout happened in 2017 at a rented hall in Rigg Approach, where 300 people had gathered for a private function.

Police released the footage today (November 5) after a man and a woman, who were among six people convicted, were sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court having been found guilty in August 2020.

Detective inspector Matthew Webb said: “The CCTV from this offence plays like a scene from a movie.

"Unfortunately though this was a real-life event that took place on our streets in London and it was by sheer luck that no further significant injuries were caused."

And 1990s boy band East 17 announced they would be delivering food and a performance to a lucky Deliveroo customer from Walthamstow.

The group, best known for their song Stay Another Day, teamed up with Deliveroo to celebrate the launch of Pret A Manger’s festive menu.

The group agreed to perform songs acapella geared up in their famous white fur trimmed parkas at the door of a Walthamstow Deliveroo customer.

Terry Coldwell from East 17 said: “Walthamstow is close to our hearts, so when we got the call from Deliveroo asking us to make some special Christmas deliveries to a lucky fan in E17 - we couldn’t say no!"