It's five years ago this week since the former England captain was pictured tucking into a plate of pie and mash at a Waltham Abbey shop.

David Beckham’s love of pie and mash is well known - and he didn’t hold back on the liquor at a family lunch out.

Visiting Tony’s in Waltham Abbey, his favourite spot for a plate of pie and mash, Becks was all smiles while pigging out with his mother, sister and son Romeo yesterday (January 9).

The former England captain, who grew up in Chingford, regularly returns to where it all began for a touch of food nostalgia.

In May last year, he was spotted ordering his usual saveloy, half a chicken, scampi, and a cod and chips, from Fish and Chicken, in Chingford Mount Road.

Opting for more traditional east London fare this time around, he ordered a ‘two and two’ – two pies and two scoops of mash to the uninitiated, all drowned in liquor.

Keeping the chilli vinegar close to hand, he posted to Instagram: “One of those days…thanks Tony.”

In true fashion, a side of jellied eels and an orange squash completed the meal, setting him back a cool £11.03.

Shop owner, Tony Lane, said it creates a nice atmosphere when he comes in, but his global fame doesn’t mean he gets special treatment.

He said: “We are used to him now, we treat him like every other customer that comes in.

“And he does the same, he treats everyone with respect, he’s a pleasure to serve. All the family are.

“They are all polite and take the time to talk to everyone.

“Most of our customers are regulars and we’re happy to call him one.”