A former officer reported to the police for allegedly sexually and physically abusing two women continued to serve in east London for four years until he resigned.

The man, identified only as 'Former Officer A', has yet to face a misconduct hearing after one scheduled for this week was cancelled on the day.

The unnamed officer was reported to Essex Police in 2017 for "sexual assaults, physical assaults and coercive control" but was never charged.

He continued to work for the Metropolitan Police's East Area unit, which polices Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, and Havering, until he resigned last September.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: "We carried out lengthy investigations, which were carried out by specialist detectives and highly trained civilian staff.

"When we presented our findings to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for charging advice, we were told that there was no realistic prospect of charge."

A disciplinary hearing was due to begin on January 11 but, after two hours of private legal discussions, the hearing was cancelled.

According to a police spokesperson, the hearing was adjourned until March 21 after Former Officer A’s legal team applied for disclosure of further evidence to do with the allegations against him.

The spokesperson added that in line with police regulations, the legally qualified chair of the hearing has given the man anonymity, at least until the disciplinary hearing concludes.

According to a Met spokesperson, the officer was on restricted duties in a non-public facing role, his work status was subject to regular review as matters progressed.