The famous story of an Antarctic explorer was the inspiration behind an unexpected internet hit that was making our headlines ten years ago this week.

A singer has had an unexpected internet hit with a song marking the centenary of Scott’s legendary expedition to the Antarctic.

On January 18, 1912, Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his expeditionary team reached the South Pole, only to find that Norwegian explorer Amundson had narrowly beaten them in the race to be the first ever people to reach it and planted the Norwegian flag.

Scott’s tragic return journey has since entered into legend, with the story of their struggle to get back to their camp before dying from exposure to the ferocious cold related to generations of schoolchildren.

Now Peter Hunt, 56, from Ripley View in Loughton, has recast the story in song, and through the web, gained a new worldwide audience in doing so.

Mr Hunt said: “It is such a stirring story and I have been inspired by it since I was a boy reading tales of the British Empire.

“I have been writing songs for a long time and recently I thought I would write one about Scott to mark the 100 year anniversary. It is a story that is full of courage, endeavour and everything that is great about the British spirit.”

Mr Hunt has incorporated extracts from Scott’s final diary entries in the evocative ballad and said he is shocked at the 3,500 hits the song has gained on Youtube.

He said: “I am surprised and pleased that total strangers around the world have chosen to listen to the song. 200 years ago that is how stories were told, they were passed down orally. It would be wonderful if someone else would learn it and pass it on.”

Those who are interested in seeing Mr Hunt perform can catch him in Loughton Folk Club, which meets every Thursday at 8pm in Loughton Club in Station Road.

He said: “The folk scene is very welcoming. If you like acoustic music or if you are an aspiring performer come and have a go and we will have a listen.”