A team working behind the scenes at Princess Alexandra Hospital has been nominated for an award for helping make a difference to everyday life in Harlow.

Porters, caterers, domestics, housekeepers, and members of the electrical and biomedical engineering department have worked around the clock to provide care and support to patients and staff throughout the pandemic.

Known as the Estates and Facilities team, they have now been nominated for the Health and Wellbeing category of the Heart for Harlow Community Award.

The team has been nominated for providing care to the community with nutritious meals; high standards of hygiene and transportating patients through the hospital.

They are also being recognised for managing specialist medical equipment and maintaining hospital buildings.

Estates and facilities associate director Packa Risi said: “We are thrilled to be nominated. The team plays a vital role in the daily running of the hospital and it’s fantastic to see them recognised for their efforts; we look forward to the awards ceremony that will take place later this year.”