Residents hoping that hundreds of acres of Green Belt land in Essex will not end up being built on will be taking heart from the actions of councillors across Hertfordshire and Kent who are now throwing out such plans following opposition from residents they represent.

Just last month, councillors at Hertsmere DC which planned to allow 9,000 homes to be built on its Green Belt, threw out its Local Development Plan following objections from 18,000 residents and similar action is being taken by Dacorum BC, St Albans DC and Welwyn and Hatfield BC. 

Councillors at Epping Forest DC will soon be asked to agree to the final version of its Local Development Plan, which as things stand will see thousands of homes being built on the district’s Green Belt. We can only hope that they will seize this opportunity to join with their fellow councillors across the South East of England in rejecting this rush to develop land in and around towns and villages.

Nicholas Taylor

Leader of The Harlow Alliance Party