The prime role of government is security for its citizens. However this government, in its non-mandated rush to net zero carbon has exposed us to energy insecurity. National reserves of gas, shale gas and coal have been ignored in favour of exposing us to volatile world markets and crises such as in Ukraine. Ludicrously it is considered green to fire the Drax power station on imported wooden pellets from Canada.

Meanwhile, with power bills set to rocket, the Government ignores its ability to remove the 5 per cent VAT post-Brexit and the 25 per cent tax to subsidise landowners to house wind and solar farms. Instead it proposes deferred loans and the absurdity of reducing council tax, but only for some.

By reneging on its promises not to increase taxes and to keep the triple pensions lock many will struggle to pay these and other bills with inflation now 8 per cent and above.

I fear the Prime Minister is distracted by parties and a theatre studies graduate wife pushing climate issues. Unless he does something I fear for the results in local elections where the Tories may lose many seats.

The Government should give us a referendum on its net zero policies and not be swayed by unelected chums such as Lord Goldsmith. An 80 seat majority was hard to win but will be easily lost.

Michael McGough

Wellfields, Loughton