Renowned broadcaster and journalist Sir Trevor Phillips was invited to plant a tree to celebrate Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee.

Sir Trevor joined members of GreenAcres Epping Forest at their cemetery and ceremonial park to take part in The Queen’s Green Canopy .

This unique tree planting initiative marks Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 and invites people from across the United Kingdom to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”.

Sir Trevor shared his thoughts and very personal reasons on what it meant to him to be part of the legacy for the Platinum Jubilee.

He said: “This particular location carries three separate meanings for me. The human race faces two great challenges: how we live with our planet and how we live with each other.

"It is of course, the central mission at GreenAcres to preserve and enhance the natural environment, and the Green Canopy will be a huge contribution to that mission.

"Second, the tree honours Her Majesty and her decades of service, in particular her role in reminding us that, with all our diversity we are one nation.

"And third, this is the final home of my elder daughter, and will probably be my own.

"Preserving our species is not just a matter of keeping our physical beings alive; it is, even more importantly, an act of memory that keeps the human story alive, and a marker that will encourage those who come after us to tell our stories for ages to come.”

He added: “We fully understand that not everyone will have the resources to do everything we did; but we felt that it was important that everyone makes whatever contribution they can."

Sarah Goodey, deputy park manager at GreenAcres Epping Forest, added: "Being part of the Queen's Green Canopy allows us to highlight the significant value of trees and woodlands as nature’s simple but highly effective way to clean the air we breathe, slow the impact of climate change, create important wildlife habitats and improve our general health and wellbeing."

The new area celebrating the Queen’s Green Canopy is accessible for anyone to visit during the park opening hours. More information can be found at