Police shut down a car meet over the weekend after numerous complaints about speeding, noise and abuse.

Essex Police says its officers were called to Elizabeth Way in Harlow on Saturday evening (June 11) following reports of more than 20 vehicles being driven anti-socially.

Residents complained those involved were revving their engines, speeding and racing, doing ‘donuts’, blocking entrances, and being abusive towards them.

Officers responded by closing off the area between 10.30pm and 11.30pm to speak to drivers and spectators before the car meet was dispersed.

Police say one driver faces prosecution while a handful received tickets for minor offences.  

Sergeant Will Willsher, from the Essex Police road unit, said: “When car meets are held peacefully and respect the residents and businesses in the local communities, they can be enjoyable for everyone.

“Unfortunately, some people come to take part in anti-social driving behaviour.

“I would like to remind anyone who attends a car meet, to do so safely, don’t take part in anti-social driving and for spectators to remain at a safe distance.”