Drivers are being warned about scammers operating in car parks in Epping Forest.

Epping Forest District Council says it has received reports of motorists being approached by someone offering to help them use the pay and display ticket machine.

The suspect is said to have told a driver to pay by card and then claimed the credit card has been captured by the machine.

There are also reports of drivers being told to pay fines using the machines. The council says its car park machines cannot be used to pay fines.

A council spokesperson issued advice to drivers saying: "We urge all our car park users not to engage with anyone who offers to assist with paying for parking. If you are approached by someone, even if they have some form of ID, do not give them your card.

"No parking attendant will ever ask you for your credit card to pay for parking. Call the police immediately or ask someone for help, then report it to our customer contact centre on 01992 564000."