Every one of a school's GCSE students earned a place at their preferred sixth form or college.

Nearly all Year 11 students at Braeside School in Buckhurst achieved 100% passes, with subjects such as maths, English language, English literature, art, drama, music, Spanish, French and Russian recording 100% grades 4-9.

Headmistress Chloe Moon said: “Congratulations to all of our students on their well-deserved grades. I am particularly pleased that the percentage of top grades 7-9 was strong at 40%, despite national reports to the contrary in the run up to the results.

"All of our students are going on to their preferred choices of sixth form schools and colleges. Iman, Grace, Ayra, Daisy and Emilie were our top performing students, with Emilie achieving 8 of her grades at the top 7, 8 or 9s.

"It has been wonderful working with this group of students and their families, and we will miss them. The staff join me in wishing all of our students a fantastic start to the next chapter of their education.”