Two roads in Epping have been earmarked for safety improvement works by the government following serious fatal crashes.

The A113 through Stanford Rivers and A104 Epping New Road are listed in the recent mini-Budget Growth Plan.

It is part of the Safer Road Scheme infrastructure projects, which will be accelerated as fast as possible by the government that aims to get to majority of construction started by the end of 2023.

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Epping Forest MP Dame Eleanor Laing said: "I'm delighted these roads are being highlighted for important road safety improvement work.

"Both have been the scenes of numerous serious and several fatal collisions over the years and any steps that can be taken to make them safer should be applauded.”

The report refers to the A113 'Brentwood' that suggests it refers to the London Road-Romford Road stretch through Stanford Rivers from Ongar to Passingford Bridge, which is within the Brentwood and Ongar constituency.

The A104 'Epping' is thought to refer to the stretch that includes Epping New Road between Woodford and Epping, which falls within the Epping Forest constituency.

The report states: "These projects may benefit from acceleration through planning reform, regulatory reform, improved processes or other options to speed up their development and construction, including through development consent processes."

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