A mother who was bullied out of education at 15 is now ready to complete her own teaching qualification.

In 2013, mother of two, Shaunna, 30, decided to re-start her education by taking a maths course in Harlow at ACL Essex.

The course led her to GCSE success then university qualifications, and she is now planning to take a Postgraduate Certificate in Education which will allow her to teach others.

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Shaunna, who lives in Bolsover, said: “I was bullied at school which led to me leaving at 15 with no formal qualifications in maths.

“After my daughter was born, I realised I wanted to get into teaching, but my maths skills were poor, and I had an irrational fear of doing maths.

“The course I completed was a great stepping-stone as it gave me the skills and the confidence boost I needed to go on to further study.

Epping Forest Guardian: ShaunnaShaunna (Image: Department for Education)

“With the confidence I have gained from improving my numeracy skills as an adult, I can now continue my learning journey.”

She added that her confidence in maths has helped her have open conversations with her five and seven-year-old daughters about money, and she now even enjoys maths.