Harlow’s “sadly lacking” roundabout maintenance will get a free boost as companies are sought to sponsor them.

From early next year Harlow Council will launch a scheme to “restore pride with improved maintenance” for the town’s roundabouts, at no extra cost.

The council agreed to enter a contract with Community Partners Ltd, which finds sponsors for roundabouts and maintains them.

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Council Leader Cllr Russell Perrin said: “Harlow is famous for its roundabouts, but we can all see that their regular maintenance has sadly been lacking.

“The council is responsible for the maintenance of the landscape on the town’s roundabouts and as I have always said restoring pride must start with the work that we do.”

He said the new contract “won’t cost a penny extra” and will actually bring the council a regular income stream to support other services, as well as saving the money previously spent to maintain roundabouts.

According to the advertising company “despite the increase in digital marketing and advertising techniques, the world’s going mad over roundabouts”.

A Community Partners news release added: “Roundabout advertising offers a trusted, local and cost-effective platform for all types of business to raise awareness on a local and regional level.”

Companies would pay from £10 a day to have “exclusive exposure” advertising at sponsored roundabouts.

Cllr Perrin added: “Community Partners are an experienced company that work with councils across the country to manage advertising and sponsorship of assets and generate additional income.

“We are looking forward to working with them to restore pride in our town’s roundabouts.”

The programme is due to start in the new year in time for spring, subject to the contract being finalised.

Community Partners carry out 10 to 12 maintenance visits a year, whether sponsored or not, at each of Harlow’s 36 roundabouts.

The council has said this exceeds the current standard of maintenance frequency.

At least 10 visits would be carried out between March and October.

These visits include grass cuts, strimming, bush and tree maintenance, weeding, litter picking, and weed and moss spraying.

Additional winter visits would be for tidying, cleaning, litter picking, and maintaining signs.