A popular heritage railway welcomed this new arrival ten years ago this week.

A new steam engine has chugged its way into Ongar - just in time to bring Santa to town.

The Epping Ongar Railway has welcomed a 'Large Prairie' 4141 tank to its fleet.

The 1946 Swindon-built tank engine was sent to be scrapped in 1964 - but is back in service following a full overhaul by workers at Llangollen Railway.

The renovation included stripping the locomotive down to its components, replacing tubes and working on the boiler, running gear and fittings.

The locomotive, which is 41ft long and weighs nearly 80 tonnes, has been kitted out with British Railways lined green livery, carried by many engines in the latter days of steam.

The tank is currently being used to haul the railway's Santa Special trains and will become a mainstay of the fleet next year.