A LOVING husband who lost his leg in an accident is appealing for help to fund a prosthetic replacement.

In 2010, Kristian Bleive, 38, from Epping, was in an accident which left him needing an amputation after doctors confirmed they would be unable to save his leg.

After a long period of recovery, Kristian managed to overcome a battle with depression in order to return to his interests in life.

His wife, Tatjana Bleive, describes him as strong and courageous.

She said: "He’s a very active person and for him, movement is life.

"He enjoys life as much as possible for someone in his position and has a lot of energy, that not everyone has.

"His current prosthetic rubs the skin which leads to bleeding blisters and his other leg is in pain due to the strain, as well as his back, for us, it is a constant struggle."

Due to his active lifestyle, his only prosthesis, from the NHS, often needs repairing.

Unfortunately, a new and modern replacement is not provided for free.

To be able to lead a fulfilling life, Kristian needs a new prosthetic, which costs around £20,000.

Due to a lack of extra funding and the rising cost of living, the family isn't able to support Kristian and fund the new prosthetic.

They are leading a campaign to raise money to purchase the vital equipment. 

To donate, visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/kristian-bleive.