ESSEX Police has highlighted their rural team's importance in keeping the roads safe by seizing uninsured vehicles and recovering stolen vehicles to reunite with their owners.

Rural Engagement Team regularly carry out road safety speed checks while they patrol the rural road network and investigate reports of vehicle thefts and stolen agricultural machinery.

In 2022, the team recovered or seized 180 vehicles.

The majority of vehicles seized in the past 12 months have been cars and vans found to be uninsured or driven by people with incorrect driving licences or even without a licence.

They also tracked down and recovered 50 vehicles in total after investigations.

Sergeant Paul Brady said: "Our rural engagement officers work hard all year round to keep traffic speeds down, bring irresponsible drivers to justice and seize their vehicles so our roads are safer.

"People in rural communities can be left isolated and financially disadvantaged if the vehicle is their only means of transport and they cannot get to work or if it is vital to their business activities.

"Often, the cost of replacement places another financial burden on them."

To report any concerning road behaviour, visit or call 101.