IN-HOUSE foster carers will receive a paid fee increase due to rising inflation.

All foster carers’ fees will be increased by approximately nine per cent, and this will be backdated to October 1, 2022.

The role of the foster carer is to provide a safe, secure and loving home to a child or young person.

Foster carers receive a fee payment and an allowance to cover the expenses of caring for a child, such as food and clothes.

Allowances are above the Government’s recommended level and are increasing each year in line with the rising inflation rate.

In Essex, foster families are carefully matched with children to suit their individual circumstances.

Every carer has an allocated social worker and 24/7 access to support to help them manage outside of office hours.

Essex Council Council also offers other perks to support the careers, and these are the OASIS network, clinical leads and mental health workers to help carers understand children’s behaviour, outreach workers who provide practical support and an extensive range of support groups.

A comprehensive training programme is also available for those interested to learn how to provide therapeutic parenting.

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