It's five years ago this week since we reported on town councillors preparing to argue aspects of Epping Forest's Local Plan were 'unsound'.

Town councillors will say 450 homes proposed under the Local Plan be removed from Loughton at a meeting this evening (January 17, 2018).

From 7pm at Murray Hall on Borders Lane, Loughton Town Council members must decide how best to respond to Epping Forest District Council's (EFDC) plan for the borough, which could see 11,000 homes built by 2033.

Town councillors have published a report detailing a number of points they consider unsound with the vast document.

As well as issues with transport proposals - which could have 35 per cent of new home owners squeezing onto crowded central bound trains - the report raises concerns about air pollution from extra cars and how bus services will cope.

Although not officially part of the Save Jessel Green Campaign, councillors will also argue against plans to build 154 homes on the beloved green space and an additional 300 elsewhere in Loughton.

Part of the report reads: "The Council maintains that EFDC is wrong in law to treat this public facility and amenity as merely vacant land, and that therefore the Plan is unsound in this respect.

"The two main failures are over-cramming Loughton and disproportionately high development at North Weald, whilst not giving enough thought to the critical mass of the proposed garden town.

"The removal of 450 dwellings from Loughton and the addition of 450 to sites in the Garden Town would make the Plan sounder in this respect. North Weald Parish Council will doubtless have its own views."

The meeting is open to the public.